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At G.E.M. Computer Consulting, we believe in fast, friendly and approachable service & support!

Why choose G.E.M. Computer Consulting?  (Continued from our Home page)

At G.E.M. Computer Consulting, we look forward to taking care of all your IT needs!

At G.E.M. Computer Consulting, we measure our success by our client's satisfaction.  We do not offer one-size-fits-all solutions, but rather understand each situation is unique and requires personalized solutions.  G.E.M. is cost-effective conscience without jeopardizing quality or reliable solutions.  When a client needs to adopt technology to improve its operations, efficiency or other business functions that require hardware, software and business know-how, the client can rely on G.E.M. to provide the best support possible.

Our mission is to be a professional, affordable and honest IT company, offering a wide variety of product & service solutions and strive to be the BEST in knowledge, customer service and teamwork.

Honesty - G.E.M. is a believer in getting the job done in the most cost-effective way known.  We are not interested in selling you anything that is not necessary although we will make recommendations if we see something you may need now or in the future.

Call us today to experience REAL quality service from G.E.M. Computer Consulting . . . Going the Extra Mile!

Resourceful - Can't is a hard word to defend.  Our competitors use this word when they either do not have an answer, the resources to find a solution or are not interested in getting you to where you want or need to be.  If G.E.M. does not have an answer or solution immediately, we will find it because we want to help you succeed!

Versatile - G.E.M. is flexible enough to adjust to the changes in technologies and needs of our clientele.  What does that mean to you?  We will be around much longer than our competitors because they have pigeon-holed themselves into a technology or two.

Fast, friendly response time and service - Most of our competitors have a four (4) hour response time.  G.E.M.'s response time is always under two (2) hours and most of the time under an hour!

Consistently reliable, quality work - G.E.M. believes word of mouth is a very strong form of advertising and feel as though our name and integrity is on the line every time we are working with someone.

Testing facility - To keep your down time to a minimum, G.E.M. tests scenarios at our office before implementing them at your location whether it be at home or the office.

Less down time for you, your business or your family - G.E.M. absolutely understands time is money and having your business up and running quickly is critical.

G.E.M. Computer Consulting, LLC works hard to exceed your expectations - With G.E.M.'s honesty, resourcefulness, versatility, response time, quality of work and testing facility, it is easy to see that we are prepared to exceed your expectations every time!

G.E.M. Computer Consulting is committed to offering complete, reliable, cost-effective solutions for all your technological needs.

What G.E.M. Clients Are Saying!

I wanted to take a minute to commend G.E.M. Computer Consulting, LLC concerning the fast, efficient manner in which our computer service was restored after the total loss of our equipment (and office) in the May 30, 2004 tornado.

G.E.M. Computer Consulting will keep your IT needs well-organized!

Thanks to G.E.M.’s quick response, our insurance office did not suffer any business down-time due to the tornado.  This is truly a testament to the fact that G.E.M.’s motto of Going the Extra Mile is more than mere lip service.  The tornado could have been a double disaster to our business, but was limited to the loss of our building and equipment due to the quick action of G.E.M.  continued on Testimonials . . .