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Why choose G.E.M. Computer Consulting?  Going the Extra Mile!

G.E.M. Computer Consulting Offers the Best Solutions to Your I.T. Needs!
G.E.M. Computer Consulting, LLC is an Information Technology (IT) firm headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.  We have been dedicated to delivering reliable product & service solutions to our clients since 1991.  We provide our customers, regardless of size, expertise in a wide range of technologies ranging from new PCs to network setup & maintenance to web development and much more!  Whether you have a single PC with a virus issue or you are a Fortune 500 company with WAN needs or any scenario in between, we are your answer.  With our many years of diverse industry experience and exposure, G.E.M. can objectively view our clients' challenges and recommend a solution that meets their current and future needs.  Continued on About Us . . .

What G.E.M. Clients Are Saying!

G.E.M. Computer Consulting?  They have the best IT staff that we have ever had and we have been through a number of them.  G.E.M.’s difference is that they take responsibility for their The G.E.M. Computer Consulting Team is looking forward to taking care of all your IT needs! work.  They remember what they did the last time so I don’t need to re-train them each time they come to our company.  Continued on Testimonials . . .